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Upcoming Lyricist of The Year. Theirs is a marriage of convenience and of opposites, and a relationship which progresses to the point of Pratap acknowledging what Sonu has taught him and vice versa. However, she is no pushover, she has strong principles which she expects Sonu to adhere to and she is not afraid to stand up for what she wants.

Sonu, caught between the devil and the deep sea, starts playing a double game. If you go in expecting that, you won't be disappointed. Theatrical release poster. Secretly he plans to run away with Jhanvi so that he can live a peaceful life with her. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

But when Sonu falls in love with Dr Jhanvi Esha Gupta and manages to woo her, he wants to leave the life of crime and settle down. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted.

Hindi Bhojpuri The game box Celebs twitter Hungama. She works as a doctor at a local hospital, raising funds to prevent the hospital from being bought and taken over. Emraan Hashmi's triumphant phase continues. Sonu makes an effort to change who he is for her, but he finds out that old habits die hard and their past will catch up with both of them. During a shootout, Mangal finds out the truth about Sonu and takes his whole gang after him.

And I have to grudgingly accept, it still works for most part, despite the repeat. There, Sonu is surrounded by Mangal's gang, which is then gunned down by the police chief commissioner.

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However, Pratap, who is hell bent upon finding who the leader of the arms racket is, persuades Sonu to continue being his informer by promising him protection and a good life afterward. With only Sonu, Mangal and the chief left, it turns out that the chief is actually Mangal's informer, and they both follow Sonu to a deserted area. Upcoming Music Composer of The Year. It could've been better, but it's not a terrible way to spend an evening out.

He is a hard-bitten, tough as nails cop. Some of this article's listed sources may not be reliable. Becoming a police informant, Sonu manages to convince Mangal that he is a corrupt and shrewd person who will be of use to his gang. However, things get risky once a mysterious informer in the police force tells Mangal about Sonu's truth.

Video songs of jannat 2Video songs of jannat 2

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However, he is shot by the chief. Jhanvi, heartbroken, thinks straight and forgets Sonu, and moves away to carry on life as normal. She lives her life as a simple, middle class girl. Miscellaneous Pacific Islands U. But still we would say, beware.

There, Sonu meets Pratap and tells him he is done and leaves to go to his wife. This week has been all about Esha Gupta!

Video songs of jannat 2

An absorbing story, a swift and coherent narrative, exemplary direction, fantastic action, soothing music and stellar performances summarize the highlights of this triumphant franchise. In Sonu, he finds a convenient and unlikely partner.

He sells locally made and produced guns for a living to whomever he can and however he can. After his death, Pratap goes to his house and informs Jhanvi that Sonu ran away from the city. She is the only person, whom Sonu Dilli encounters, who has no hidden agenda, who lives life in pure and clear honest terms.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Watch it for Randeep Hooda or if you are a big fan of Emraan Hashmi.

Pratap, seeing Sonu get killed, shoots the chief commissioner and Mangal multiple times, leading to their deaths.

At least not one worth watching. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. The storyline lacks imagination and given this backdrop, he tries his best to weave a plot into the scenes. External audio Audio Jukebox on YouTube.

Pratap then brings his whole police force to the scene. By the way, this film could have been called by any other name. And since there aren't many options this weekend, you can count that as a reason to go watch the movie! He is loyal and faithful to her, but forced to make a choice which will change his life forever.

This Jannat is far away from fairytales! He will stop at nothing to achieve his ultimate goal, comeback of ridding North India of the local gun trade menace which prevails.

Mangal embraces Sonu as his next in command. Sonu is a smooth talking street-smart gun runner, who has the gift of the gab and knows his trade inside out. Emraan Hashmi Sonu Dilli is a street-smart hustler who lives by his wits, a combination of guts, charm, his smarts and luck. His motives partially come from scars of a past life that he carries with him as a deliberate burden. Sonu Dilli is a street-smart hustler who lives by his wits, a combination of guts, charm, his smarts and luck.

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