Tears Of A Tiger By Sharon M Draper

Tears of a TigerTears of a Tiger

The most powerful part for me was the very end, Monty's letter to Andy. It talks about depression, suicide, and guilt. This book actually made me cry. One day while he's out with his girlfriend Keisha, he almost jumps into incoming traffic until she stops him. It seemed so short, so clean cut, for something that was intended to be raw.

After a big win, they decided to drink some beer and get behind the wheel of a car. It made me want to read on. Everything seemed meticulously calculated, and the dialogue suffered as a result.

Oh, Rhonda, he died in the accident. Not once was I able to empathize with the thoughts of anyone in this book. From the very beginning it had me hooked. The multi-genre aspect of writing i Alright, So this book is good, for what it is.

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He usually hangs with them after the game. The three students who escaped serious injury were able to jump from the four-door Chevy immediately after the accident, say witnesses. It also is what kept me reading. At the end of Forged by Fire, a car crash has taken place with the protagonist's friends because of intoxication. It is in a weird order because the second one is basically the first book and the first one is the second one continued.

Intro Summary & General Questions

Andy, Keshia, Rhonda, and Robby the main characters in my opinion. Really hit home about everyday life. Monty told him that he'd always love Andy and would always miss him. This shows their emotions and how they feel about different situations that happens.

While his other friends have managed to work through their grief and move on, Andy allows death to become the focus of his life. Andy and his friends were partying after they won a basketball game.

Good insight into the minds of teenagers, some striving to succeed, others not so sure about the future. Keshia is Andy's girlfriend and helps out Andy through the rough times and is very important to Andy.

Andy commits suicide at the dismay of his family and friends. Things might of been better for Andy if he didn't see his best friends death, but now he has to forget about the past, and live his present while it lasts for a while. So when the car crashed, his feet went through the windshield, pinning him in between the wall and crashed Jeep. As a captain, not do you only have to be good at the sport, you also have to set examples and be a leader. Race was underlying in this book, and it was introduced and implemented in the worst way possible.

Sometimes life becomes too hard to handle and we as humans forget that we were put on this earth for a reason and we need time to figure that reason out. This book made me feel that not only winning a game is important it also matters how you celebrate your victory. Even student and teachers who didn't know Robby still cried for his death. It doesn't belong with a room full of people who can't even begin to form an understanding of hating oneself or one's life so much they are willing to end it.

Two guys rush over to help him out, but as soon as they get on the hood, they are thrown off after a loud bang. Keisha got your nose wide open. His mother, Monty, and Rhonda all see his body in his room with the gun in his hand and his blood everywhere. Another thing that's very interesting This book really sparked my attention as soon as I read the back.

Tears of a Tiger

After getting out of the hospital, Andy went to court and got his license and car taken away. Washington, however, who was sitting in the front seat next to the driver, had his feet on the dashboard. Within the first couple of pages a great victory occurs, however it is followed by a horrible tragedy. Robby was burned to death in the flames. Have students research newspaper, news, and other media sources for stories similiar to Andy's would be a good way to show them how often alcohol related deaths happen.

But I could never truly place myself in someone's shoes happily. Robby was on the basketball team along with his mates Andy, Tyrone, and Gerald.

The author grabbed my attention in the very beginning and never let it loose throughout the book. Andy was driving and he watched his best friend die when they crashed and the car exploded. This book tells of the story when four teenagers got in a car accident because they were all drinking. That is definitely the outcome I'm hoping for!

This book is the sequal Sharon's Forged by Fire. Andy tackles his guilt and grief in the first book of Sharon M. It is a raw, honest look at the possible outcomes of what happens when adolescents make terrible decisions.

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Another great part of the book, is that it does focus on African American students, which is rarely done in a book like this, at least from what I have perceived. Think about the consequences of each action as you make them and know its never too late to change your mind.

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Friends try to Tears of a Tiger is about Andy, who went through a difficult time because of an incident. Tears of When my class was told of the books that they were to pick from and read, windows 8 icon packs Tears of a Tiger honestly was not my first choice. Another thing that's very interesting about Tears of A Tiger is that the antagonist isn't a human-being instead it's a internal force. The book Tears of a Tiger by Sharon M.

Within the pages are student homework and letters to the dead boys. Do you know that the courage it took at that moment - to actually blow yourself away - was more than enough courage to keep on living? The other two do their best to just move on. He felt like Rob's death was his fault and he didn't know how to move on with his life.

Throughout the middle, Andy Jackson struggles with coping with the death of his best friend thus causing him to lose contact with his loved ones family, friends, girlfriend, etc. It's clear she cares a lot about him, but she just can't stand his mood swings all the time.

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Hence this book would be a good book for students to read because it keeps bringing up the message that horrible things happen when you drink and drive. He couldn't help live with all of this pain that held him down so had a choice to not feel it anymore. Andy's problem was depression and the way he solved his depression was to commit suicide, he ran away from his problem instead of bringing strong and facing them. When I read the first few chapters of this book, I already got caught up into the book. Although Jackson tried frantically to rescue Washington, he and his friends watched helplessly as Robert Washington burned to death.