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Purattaasi Sani Saturday is an auspicious day for Lord Vishnu. The Tamil Yearly calendar follows a sixty year cycle. Nithra Edu Solutions India Pvt. After the completion of sixty years, kooda mela kooda vachu mp3 song the calendar starts a new with the first year. Today Rasi palan in Tamil Rasipalan Horoscope.

This faith can be considered much similar to the fasting by Muslims during the month of Ramadan. The Festival of Thirukaarthigai is celebrated during the eighth month of Kaarthigai. Rahu Kalam a certain amount of time every day which lasts approximately for one and half hour. Kindly consult your astrologers for the specific time for your auspicious events. It is celebrated with much enthusiasm among the Tamil Community all over the world.

Aadi is also the month of preparation for next crop cycle by farmers. There are several references in early Tamil literature to the April new year.

Unlike the Gregorian calendar, the number of days in a given month can vary between years. One of the famous festivals, the Deepavali, is celebrated on the new moon day, in the seventh month of Aipassi. Columbia University Press.

This is the last month on tamil calendar. Tamil Verses with English Translation. Festivals and Vratham No important events for the day.

Vaikaasi Visaakam is the most important day in this month. The sixth month of Purattaasi is auspicious to the effect that, most of the non-vegetarian Tamil people do not eat meat during the month. There are several festivals based on the Tamil calendar. Some of the celebrations for each month are listed below. List of calendars Category.

An important month with many rituals. The tenth month of Thai is the month of Harvest in Tamil Nadu.

Maasi - Eleventh month on tamil calendar. Each Saturday of this month is set apart to venerate the planet saturn. Tamil Calendar is followed by Tamil people around the world is based on Moon and Star events. The Krithikaa Pournami is the special day of the full moon in the month of Kaarthikai, and the star is Krithikaa.

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Hindu Calendar complete list of all Hindu festivals and celebrations. Thai - Tenth month on tamil calendar. Shivaratri is an important festival widely celebrated by Hindus in this month. The Tamil Calendar is important in the life of Tamil-speaking people and most Festivals of Tamil Nadu are based on it.

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The fifth month of Aavani is considered auspicious among the Tamil orthodox people, and the special occasion of Aavani Avittam marks the month. Hindu calendar Tamil culture Time in India. Chithirai thiruvizha celebrated in this month. Welcome to Tamil Daily Calendar Website.

It is usually the worst month for thriving businesses and recently this situation has changed a lot, as the businesses started providing discount shopping during that particular month. Tamil people refer this for all events like cultural or relgious. The position of Sun and Moon determines the date and time of the Hindu festivals.

There are some parallels in this sexagenary cycle with the Chinese calendar. The Fridays of this month - Aipassi velli - are dedicated to religious observance. Each Monday of this month is dedicated to the worship of Shiva.

The rest of the time left after eliminating them is considered Shubh. The week starts with Sunday. The offering made to Lord Siva is the Thiruvaadirai Kali - a sweet boiled pudding. Aadi - Fourth month on tamil calendar.

Arudra Darisanam Thiruvaadirai star in Tamil is the most auspicious day in this month. Tamil Nadu farmers greatly refer to this. The total number of days in a Tamil Calendar is an average days and day's name are also similar to the western calendar. Purattasi - Sixth month on tamil calendar. Underneath or beside the months of the Hindu calendar are their Gregorian counterparts.

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Another auspicious celebration for Shiva devotees is Thirukaarthigai. The Tamizh lunar calendar is conversely used by Tamizh people around the world. Festal Days of the Hindu Lunar Calendar. It is related to the position of the planets in the sky with respect to earth. Hence, farming communities avoid major events like weddings in this month.

Year is divided into six seasons each lasting for two months. Fourth month Aadi is considered as inauspicious. It is marked by gifting new dresses for the family members and giving prayers to God wishing for prosperity among the people for the coming year. The month of Thai and the fifth month of Aavani are considered very auspicious and most marriages usually happen during those months than the other months of the year.

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There are several festivals in Tamil Nadu based on the Tamil cultural Calendar. Brahmins change their sacred thread on Aavani Avittam. The Abhijit Muhuratam and Amrit Kalam are considered auspicious. Maargazhi - Ninth month on tamil calendar. The festival of Pongal or Makara Sankranti is celebrated to mark the harvest in the first day of that month.