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The lyrics were penned by late Veturi Sundararama Murthy and it was one of his last released works. His gang distracts the police and police vehicles are set on fire. Rahman always saves some of his best stuff for old friend Mani Ratnam. This film was the Bollywood debut of Tamil star Vikram. Aishwarya Rai is also featured in the music video, as watching Beera dance from a distance.

Ragini refuses to die at the bandit's hands and jumps off the cliff, but survives and Beera holds off her killing, as he sees it useless to kill someone who has no fear of death. When Rahman teams up with Gulzar and Mani Ratnam, the result is pure magic. Enraged at his brother's death, Beera sets the police tents on fire in an ambush attack with his gang. Dev Pratap Sharma, her husband and a superintendent of police, is informed of her abduction.

Rahman himself wrote the lyrics for this track and made an impromptu performance during the audio launch. Rahman stays true to the element of Ratnam's vision as there's never any attempt to show off or introduce unnecessary elements. The same soundtrack was used for the Tamil version of the film, titled Raavanan as well as the Telugu dubbed version, titled Villain. He goes with Sanjeevani to their camp. The soundtrack is especially noted for the use of rich instruments, Indian as well as Middle Eastern.

Discography Awards and nominations. The song continues throughout the opening credits. Dancer Astad Deboo choreographed a passionate chase scene and a tandav dance between Abhishek and Aishwarya for the film. Theatrical release poster. All lyrics written by Veturi Sundararama Murthy.

Sanjeevani Kumar sneaks into the place where Ragini is kept. This song is believed to be included in the later stages. Ragini discovers Hemant in this condition and reproaches Beera and Mangal for such inhuman acts. Vijay Krishna Acharya Dialogues.

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Raavanan (soundtrack)

The Kerala martial art kalarippayattu is also featured in the film. Mani Ratnam Suhasini Maniratnam G. Dev initially agrees, but when Hariya comes out in the open, Dev kills him, revealing that the destruction of Beera is more important to him than saving his wife.

Beera escaped, but Hemant captured and took Jamunia to the police station. Films based on the Ramayana. The song is widely regarded as the biggest song in Karthik's musical career. Additional vocals by Keerthi Sargathia, A.

Additional vocals by Mohammad Irfan Ali. However, Dev yells at an invisible Beera, vowing to return and destroy him.

The songs were composed by A. The choreography of the songs by Ganesh Acharya, Brinda, Shobhana and Astad Deboo is also considered the highlight of the songs. However, beyond diet plan the official track listing has only six songs. One to meet Raavan in London!

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Ragini stands in front of Beera to save him, but Beera pushes her out of the line of fire and is shot multiple times. This track was picturised on the introduction scene of Bachchan. The soundtrack for the film was composed by A.

Dev's shot grazed Beera in the neck. The song was choreographed by well known actress and dancer Shobhana. He tells her of Dev's search for her, but Mangal comes from behind and captures Sanjeevani.

Songs of raavan

Beera Munda, a bandit, jumps off a cliff into the water. It describes the lead character played by Abhishek Bachchan. Guitar is the major instrument used and it ends in a frenzy and uses Arabic esque phrases here and there. Then Beera reveals his feelings to Ragini, but she is still devoted to Dev. The next day, she committed suicide by drowning in a nearby well.

Several new singers were introduced through this film. Beera releases Ragini and she and Dev re-unite. Dev and his team enter the forests with the aid of a forest guard, Sanjeevani Kumar, but they are unable to find Beera.

There's no escaping Raavan. For the film, see Raavan film. The first half is fairly riveting but the second half slowly slips into a coma.

Rahman soundtracks Tamil film soundtracks soundtracks. Rahman with lyrics penned by Gulzar.

Raavan (soundtrack)