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Your email address will solely be used for verifying the ticket. Kathy Imrie as Indigent Woman.

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Gordon Harris as Male Reporter sprc. Cillian Murphy as Tom Buckley.

Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Matheson also had a previous encounter with Silver. Miquel Bordoy as Professor Franklin. Definitely worth going to see this. Matheson agrees only to appear on a televised panel in anticipation of Silver's return.

She recounted a public meeting when Silver had, for an instant, got the best of her by bringing up the subject of her son's spirit her son was in a vegetative coma and on life support. Syd Mostow as Martin Weiner. That might have stoked up debate in a good way and generated some more interest in the film. Please click the link below to receive your verification email.

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We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Any movie that can tick these three boxes is worth a look. However, when the car appears, it is a car that was never manufactured with a manual transmission. It's above average, if only slightly. Jan Cornet as David Matheson.

Alicia Caycho as Maria Vargas. Anna Dorca as Katia Novikova.

Buckley then turns off the life-support machine that is keeping Matheson's son alive. Sigourney Weaver performs with credit as usual and I always rate Cillian Murphy highly.

While it has interesting twists and bucks convention, the story is just far too weak to be enjoyable. Anselmo Cuesta as Stevie's Father. Larissa Bouvier as Teenager on the Bench.

Markus Parillo as Notebook Man. Clelia Bain as Dorina Vargas. Buckley then reveals to the viewer that he actually possesses paranormal abilities and has been responsible for the inexplicable incidents that have occurred during his investigation of Silver. Gina Bramhill as Judi Cale.

Goofs At the beginning of the movie you hear a car driving with the gears changing on a manual transmission. Although the build up to the introduction of De Niro's character Simon Silver represented a slightly excessive portion of the movie it was, nevertheless, interesting. When the famous psychic Simon Silver reappears to his public after many years of absence, Tom becomes singularly obsessed in determining whether Silver is a fraud or not. Angelina Wahler as Susan Sidgwick. This section needs expansion.

Bola Olubowale as Bodyguard. Elizabeth Olsen as Sally Owen. How to Sell Drugs Online Fast. Margaret Matheson and her assistant, physicist Tom Buckley, are specialists in disclosing fraudulent paranormal phenomena.

Jee-Yun Lee as Fiona Stewart. Patricia Potter as Female Doctor. Anna Ferguson as Older Sally. Determined to discredit Silver, Buckley and his star student Elizabeth Olsen use every tool at their disposal to uncover the truth behind the charismatic, spoon-bending, mind reader. The film doesn't offer the sense of release, or of surprise, that it seems to take for granted.

Garrick Hagon as Howard McColm. Buckley's calm and rational disposition eventually degenerates into an obsessiveness that resembles the late Matheson's intense antipathy to paranormal claims. Wendy Boyd as Year-Old Sally.

Red Lights Theatrical film poster. Red Lights Critics Consensus No consensus yet. Red Lights was reasonably original, well-written and well-acted. By strict definition, thiruvilayadal nagesh comedy videos any movie featuring Robert De Niro as a spoon-bending clairvoyant superstar ought to hold a few cards up its sleeve.

Audible Download Audio Books. Simon Lee Phillips as Standing Spectator. The film was a box office failure as well.

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