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And then it was time to sing. Both sets B and B had the song close the shows. Throughout the Hybrid Theory and Meteora touring cycle, the lead vocalists from bands opening for Linkin Park often came out onstage to sing with Chester, especially during the bridge. So I guess in the end he inspired me the way he wanted to.

Louder camera shutter sample. It's a very self-descriptive song and it's easy to understand and probably very easy to relate to.

The music came together quickly but the lyrics took a few tries. Just in general, we were really happy with it.

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Joe and Gregory hit it off. Features vocals by Jonathan Davis. No scratching in the bridge.

We hooked up with Gregory Dark who is amazing. The video is very green and very dark.

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Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. The air was very thick and filled with minerals and dust and dirt. He left after his first year to go do special effects in the film industry so when it came time to do the video, he was right there with the idea for the treatment for the video.

So far it's become one of the more memorable parts of the album. It was shot in Los Angeles in an underground, abandoned subway tunnel that is adjacent to an abandoned V. Our budget wasn't so huge. It was our first try at being in front of a camera in that way.

The record label gave the band the liberty to do whatever they wanted for their first music video. One of the actors on the video was the double of Lawrence Fishburne in Matrix.

U2 - One Step Closer download

When he sang it, he just literally destroyed the whole thing and almost broke the microphone. He was just out of his mind. Namespaces Page Discussion.

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In Set R, the song retained its Gunshot Intro and opened up the encore, while Set S saw the song solely with its new outro to close the main set. About the song's composition, Mike told Kerrang!

Scott Koziol, the band's touring bass player, recorded bass for its studio version. While it did not return to it's esteemed closing spot, it moved around from opening the set Set C to opening the encore Set A to closing the main set Set B. Crawling was that one for me on Hybrid Theory. And finally, Chester's interview with Kerrang! The setlists for the A Thousand Suns Asian Tour remained the same as the summer tour, except for the final show in Singapore, Singapore.

Lacks the vocals by Jonathan Davis. Her cover was air played on radio stations throughout the United States and Canada. We hear stories all the time of people who seem to have been really moved by the song, and in that regard I think it was an excellent choice for us to meet the world.

Gregory Dark, who directed the video, used to be an adult film director. This version is very similar to the original video but it also includes scenes from the film. It's very descriptive and I think that's why people gravitate towards it. And that's just starting to happen. It's an extremely scary place to hang out and shoot a video.

The song returned as closer in in Set T, along with a brand new extended outro that became a staple with the song. While this isn't an official remix, it was discovered that Warner Bros. However, desperado song it is almost certain that it was performed at the Linkin Park and Hybrid Theory shows before that.

Gregory is an extremely experienced and talented individual and really helped us achieve our goals as far as a first video goes. The band did not perform it as such on the following tour, however.

Projekt Revolution saw the same general setlists being performed, except the song now featured extensions featuring the Street Drum Corps. The song has featured a numerous amount of guests throughout its live history.

The next show in Las Vegas, Nevada saw it close the show again. The Hunting Party pre-order bonus album through linkinpark. It has gone on to become one of Linkin Park's biggest songs ever. This is the only time that Camp Freddy has performed the song, and the only time Chester and Mike has performed the song with another artist.

Features vocals by Aaron Lewis. Rolling Stone talked with Chester in April about the song.

The final show of Projekt Revolution in Greenwood Village, Colorado had the band do a short jam to the riff of the song as Mike invited everyone on the tour onstage. It's very hard to breathe down there. In Set A, the song did not feature the Gunshot Intro and instead was performed as the studio version. We're happy that people have something like that to hold on to as far as remembering.