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For instance, the graphic engine and visuals in Nuclear Strike are decent. The series peaked with the release of Soviet Strike. The game begins in Indocine, a fictional Southeast Asian country. The taut storyline and innovative full-motion video work of the game created a highly superior product.

Critics noted a weak storyline, though GameSpot dismissed this is as unimportant in an action game. The player also commands ground troops in occasional real-time strategy sections. When you shoot water, you see and hear the splashes. While this does tie the plotlines together, it also makes for a stale, slightly boring experience.

In addition, the visuals have a slightly archaic look, something that has always been a problem with Electronic Arts. If you've played the earlier games, be ready for a blast from the past.

The plot concerns an elite special force - the player's allies - pursuing a nuclear-armed rogue spy through a fictionalised Asian setting. As a successful hit, it was logical for Electronic Arts to rekindle the magic with a follow-up game.

The highly popular company has perfected the ability to recycle animations and graphics with only minimal improvement. In the aural department, the lack of originality continues to plague Nuclear Strike. The sound effects are all decent, showing a good attention to detail and the humming chopper blades and gunfire help set the mood of the covert excursions. In addition, the voice acting talent is topnotch.

Nuclear Strike - GameSpot

Nuclear Strike - GameSpot

Gamers also criticized the difficulty of Soviet Strike. The Soviet Strike development team also created Nuclear Strike. The adventure isn't bad but it becomes stale in a short period of time.

Heat-seeking missiles were among other new additions, as was a proprietary technology termed the Interactive Music System. The game features five different terrain settings with each level being played on a large map divided into several missions.

The effects don't stand out as anything special with the exception of the voice acting. Aggregate score Aggregator Score GameRankings.

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The team added several new vehicles, as well as continuing the occasional real time strategy sections found in Soviet Strike. The visuals are the high point of the game with excellent terrain and level details.

It retained the earlier game's engine but added several modifications to improve graphical performance and make the game more accessible. At the same time, the player is sent on a wild goose chase attacking a decoy convoy thought to have the nuclear bomb being transported away from Indocine. Reviewers enjoyed the straightforward gameplay but several complained of a close similarity to its predecessor Soviet Strike and questioned the game's value as a result.

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Critics praised the full motion video as well as the music and sound effects. You can only blow up so much stuff with a helicopter. The visuals seemingly could have been pulled straight from the previous game and the game fails to show any marked improvement over Soviet Strike. After defeating Hwong's forces, the player and Harding manage to capture and interrogate Hwong for information concerning the whereabouts of the nuke long enough before Hwong commits suicide.

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This prompts the player to extract Naja from the now booby-trapped compound before the whole compound blew up sky high. The player recruits mercenary Harding Cash Jamie Donovan in battling the pirate warlord in an attempt to recover the missing nuclear weapon. In this case, the lack of effort is a big mistake. The reviewer praised the detail, colours and fluid motion.

For owners of Soviet Strike, the overall value of Nuclear Strike is diminished since there aren't any solid reasons to buy the newer version. Unfortunately, as good as these aspects are, Nuclear Strike is just more of the same of what has come before.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the s, the Strike series by Electronic Arts distinguished itself in the genre of helicopter action games. The effects, including some nice looking explosions, get the job done. LeMonde's forces are eventually routed, the proto-nuclear missile eventually destroyed, LeMonde himself is killed, and Naja and Cash fall in love.

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Nuclear Strike is a helicopter-based game, with strategy elements added to the action gameplay. Soviet Strike received criticism regarding the player's limited view of his surroundings and attacks from enemies out with it. Once you've beaten the game, the reasons for returning are minimal.

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Oddly enough, the strongest points of Nuclear Strike also work to outline its primary weakness. The missing nuclear weapon explodes as the player sits out the blast in the Rungnado May Day Stadium. For other uses, see Nuclear strike disambiguation. So, n dubz against all odds album does the most recent of the Strike games match the glory of Soviet Strike? Download Now This game is freeware.