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Nederlands This Updater can solve the problems as shown below. Basic or mid range models should allow any student to produce a good result with minimal instructions.

Often the first step is to use software to crop or rotate the image. Special Requirements Digital cameras are complemented by the amazing range of economical colour printers that allow users to print their own photos. Once you have a photo in a digital format on your computer then start editing! Both primary and secondary students can check the image for technical and artistic merit. Visual literacy - the ability to understand and produce visual messages - can be improved.


Welcome to the world of any time, any place photos. Up to people per week currently visit this site - mostly from education but also from government, ms word frames small businesses and corporations around the world. Portions of this work may be used by others under the fair dealing provisions of the Copyright Act. However the complete site should not be included on another website or in email.

In all cases use of digital cameras has been highly motivational, contributed to greater integration of technology into the curriculum and proved an effective way of improving communication. When lecturing at University in courses involving learning technology or in teacher training for the Internet in the Curriculum Project the participants made frequent use of digital cameras. Apart from resolution differences described below another major consideration can be size - size matters!

Please email me some feedback. This works well for small image files or if you have fast Internet access e. In addition to the standard still image many digital cameras also offer a video facility - it is great for a quick video clip for a slide show, web site or multimedia production. Best viewed at x pixels or higher screen resolution Statistics on usage of this site are gathered by Google Analytics and Chilli Tech web stats. Prices of digital cameras vary widely - even for the same model - so it is definitely worth checking the prices from different sources.

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Say you are about to give a presentation - rock up with your work on a storage card e. Most basic image editing software can do these tasks.

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Innovative new software allows easy correction of common problems e. Promote visual literacy - encourage students to use digital cameras!

Borderless printing is not selected by default. Please take the trouble to offer ideas or suggestions - you will be acknowledged and others can benefit.

More powerful software can also quickly adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness or colour balance. The site is intended to be free of bias and receives no commercial gain from any party. There are heaps of possible uses so grab a digital camera and lets start! Save files being edited in a non-lossy format.

The following ideas will help keep a camera in good shape and allow maximum enjoyment with a minimum of fuss. Fast charging of a spare battery is helpful. The activity also lends itself to fund-raising. Possible uses There are a huge range of uses of digital cameras in the classroom or elsewhere in the education community. The small size and versatility allow easy integration of digital cameras into all parts of the curriculum.

Resolution depends on the amount of detail captured by the digital camera. Digital photography reached critical mass and became the predominant form of photography. International Fixed crash issue while printing with black white and gray mode.

User terminals or kiosks are now widely available so users can self select photos from their own memory cards and choose print options. Most models will allow different resolution settings e.

Cropping is very important as it can reduce storage requirements and can allow improved composition of the image. Any K student can make good use of a digital camera with appropriate teacher supervision. In many cases now satisfactory images can be produced by smart phones and uploaded immediately - completely avoiding the need for a separate digital camera.

Larger images or higher resolutions allow the publisher some editing freedom. The basic models are cheaper with a limited number of features. Over the years students in my secondary classes have taken many thousands of photos with digital cameras. No worries, we are here to help.

Although this article has concentrated on digital cameras do not forget the importance of flatbed scanners. In addition there are also many high performance professional or commercial digital cameras.

Multiple copies can also be requested. When all editing has been completed then save the file or a copy at a size, resolution and compression to suit the intended purpose.

English This Updater can solve the problems as shown below. They are typically available with colour ink tanks e. Deutsch This Updater can solve the problems as shown below.

They enhance communication for students and teachers. Care Digital cameras are very robust when used with care. They are easily shared between classrooms.

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Many shops now include kiosks that will print customers digital images on to photographic paper. New features include a slide show screen saver, enhanced rotation and enhanced resizing. Although it can be helpful to have the latest deluxe model multi Megapixel digital cameras students can learn the process on a lot less. Digital cameras allow any one to enjoy photography.

Digital Cameras in Education