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MB) YA ALI MADAD (Burushaski Ginan) by burushaski ginan Music Streaming

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The day Period The motivation for this day project is to increase the intensity of prayers during the month of Ramadan. During the spread of Islam, there were also other means of propagating the concepts from the Holy Qur'an. Aswari and Zahurat Ginans.

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How can one forsake your protection and care and seek another abode? Yeah, six bullets to de head Spread fast till me dead Me X hear ah foreign and wet up her bed Copper and lead that sound dread But me deh yah fe me fans instead. Notify me of new posts via email. Prev Rashid al-Din Sinan had strength of character and was a master of the art of diplomacy.

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Come to my home, O my Master! He bringeth them out of darkness into light. The recitation of the Holy Qur'an is an important activity. This is the manner in which You caressth me.

The transliterations and literal translations of these ginans are provided on this website. However, for those who have limitations in understanding Arabic, there are many translations of the Holy Qur'an in different languages. In this manner one is constantly being aware of the eternal nature of the soul and the futility of this life in comparison to the hereafter. Only the foolish consider them as different and hence cause discord in community. Nothing is baser than calling our brother a sinner.

Burushaski Ginans Translation Project. The above ginan most commonly sung in Raag Yaman, this is an evening raag that is very commonly used in ghazals and light music. Although both variations of the ginan sound quite similar, the notes used are much different. These ginans constitute an important source of literature for Ismailis in India, the pianist book Pakistan and East Africa.

The foolish do not grasp the secret of all this. Email required Address never made public. My heart does not desire anyone else, O Imam! This Ginan is about overcoming the state of delusion which most of mankind finds itself immersed in due to excessive identification with the material world and its concerns.

The lit candle represents the Light of Imamat. Assess Your Own Spiritual Health. However they represent the same light of Imamat. The ginans are meant to be sung and recited with a melody. One day an old lion saw the sheep lion and tried to get it away from the sheep, but it ran away as he approached.

It is recited on the occasion of the reading of Mowlana Hazar Imam's messages to the Jamat. Such are the words you should take to heart. When you dispel delusion, you gain lion awareness.

Ismaili Ginans

New Video Release by JollyGul. Only such things come to pass which our own actions bring forth. Shamshu Bandali Haji Alwaez without music.

Why should we blame our Merciful Lord for our misfortunes? These may be physical, spiritual as well as intellectual. In egoism the Beloved is lost and suddenly the person is seized by the angel of death who demonstrates superiority over personal ego.

MB) YA ALI MADAD (Burushaski Ginan) by burushaski ginan Music Streaming

Forsaking all delusion, brother, keep reciting the name of Ali. Aap n u n aap pichhaa n o re momano. You are dear to my heart mind. If you get rid of delusion, you will recognise the Lord.

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Ramadan Activities During this holy month, Muslims fast in various ways. You can listen to the above links to hear the difference between the two raags in applications and in their ang, overall mood and feel. And whosoever of you is present, let him fast the month, and whosoever of you is sick or on a journey, let him fast the same number of other days. Holy Ramadan Ramadan is the ninth month of Arab and Islamic calendar. You are the supreme scholar.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! In our Tariqah, the way to overcome this delusion is by constant remembrance of Ali who has always been and will always be.

Then the word of the heart is understood. Ginan, Mumtaz Ali Tajddin S. Every soul has fallen into ignorance.

The names Ram and Raheman are used to refer to the Imam in different contexts. Join the company of the Mursheed Kameel Perfect Guide. Brief note about the raag tune by Aly Sunderji. His mind and heart are constantly preoccupied by thoughts and feelings for his Beloved. Those who have such an Imam, how could they be called miserable and unhappy?

Higher Spiritual Enlightenment Educational Posts. This verse inspires us not to be despondent in the face of adversity and blame the Merciful for the apparent misfortunes but rather to renew our efforts and to reap the fruits thereof. Motivational Gems for Higher Spiritual Enlightenment. The saffron colored lion forgot its identity, and in the company of sheep it lived as such.

Tag ismaili farsi ginans mp3

Tamku n sadhaare so din bahotaj huva re piya. Whatever I ask You, is granted by their favors. In some cases, the ginan manuscripts specify the melodies or ragas according to which the ginans should be sung.

When He comes, all ignorance is forgotten. Foundational advices of Noor Mowlana Murtaza Ali a.

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Ram and Rahemaan are both from the same Light. The Opening of the Door of Enlightenment. It is our sincere intention that the readers will take time to reflect upon these Holy Ginans and use these teachings to elevate their souls and enrich them with Light Noor. Ginans contain moral and religious instructions, mystical poems and legendary histories of the pirs.